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Ethiopia - Sidamo

Dimtu Coffee Industry P.L.C. specialises in sustainable cultivation, processing and global marketing of high-quality speciality coffees. The organisation was founded in 2007, has 370 member farms and follows the following principles: trust in quality, transparency and traceability, sustainability and quality assurance.

Coffee cultivation & processingEthiopia Sidamo Dimtu Organic Coffee
Country // Region // Sub-RegionEthiopia // Tero / Odo Shakiso / Guji Zone
Speciality coffeeGuji Sidamo Grade 1 & 2

More about Coffee Growing & Farming

The organisation of several small farms helps to ensure that everyone benefits from the advantages of coffee marketing and that income is secured for the regions. On the one hand, the involvement of small farms secures supply capacities; on the other hand, and crucially, the cooperating farms earn higher incomes and participate in the sustainable coffee cultivation programme. This contributes to strengthening local structures and ecological responsibility. The natural conditions in the organisation’s growing area are excellent and found to be ideal for achieving high quality coffees with their unique aromas and flavours.