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Sustainable trading

Resource-saving for nature & people
We support sustainable coffee cultivation

For Nature &

We are in constant exchange with coffee farmers and cooperatives around the world. When selecting our coffee beans, we pay attention to sustainable coffee cultivation and fair trade. For this reason, we travel to coffee-growing countries every year to see the work of the farmers on the spot.

In addition to sustainable coffee cultivation, fair trade and the working conditions of local coffee farmers are also part of the sustainable coffee trade topic.


Sustainable coffee trading

For many years, we have made sure that we have a sustainable coffee trade. This, of course, concerns a resource-conserving approach to our nature and the basic idea of sustainability, never to take more, i.e. to be able to grow back in a natural way.

Biodynamic cultivation is a special form of sustainability, especially in the cultivation of coffee. If you want to know more about it, just contact us.

In addition to nature, people naturally also play a role in the sustainable coffee trading: good working conditions, fair payment and the development of local countries are also very important to us. With our trade, we are aware of our social responsibility and want to support people in coffee-growing countries. You can find out more about this here: Social Responsibility

For Nature and People


A resource-conserving approach to nature is the basis of sustainability. With our trade, we want to support the local people, secure income for coffee farmers and establish a sustainably growing coffee trading on this basis.

There are different ways to make coffee cultivation sustainable and to ensure high quality. These usually vary depending on the climatic and geological characteristics of the growing area. If you have any questions about sustainable coffee farming, just get in touch with us.