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About CTS

CTS - Coffee Trading Stehl
With years of experience for best quality

We are CTS -
Coffee beans from around the world

We have been successfully trading green coffee from all coffee-growing countries in the world for over 10 years. We not only take care of the import and storage of the green coffee, but also ensure that the coffee beans reach your roastery.

But CTS doesn’t just stand for coffee trading alone: we offer you the full package and provide you not only with high-quality coffee beans but also with a wide range of expertise in all aspects of the coffee!

Coffee Trading Stehl


✓ years of experience
✓ excellent quality
✓ fair & socially traded


Coffee Cultivation

Trade & Distribution

• We import coffee from all over the world and store it for you in Hamburg We have exclusive access to speciality coffees and a large network of strong coffee trading partners

• Through our direct contact with coffee farmers and cooperatives, we can support you in the implementation of social projects and thus realise various projects (building schools, digging wells) together

• We not only bring the coffee to Germany, we also provide the logistics and distribution facilities to distribute it smoothly to coffee roasters

• Since coffee is traded on the stock exchange, it is subject to the usual market fluctuations We provide advice and recommend when to buy, pay attention to the stock market and the harvest time of the respective growing countries


Analysis & Optimisation

• We ensure that the quality always remains at the highest level! Our analysis begins with the visual inspection of the raw coffee beans directly upon arrival

• Furthermore, our quality management includes daily cuppings Not only is the quality of the coffee analysed, but new possibilities and adaptation options are also tested Different roasting profiles, development of new blends and various preparation possibilities are analysed and tested

• With our knowledge, we support roasters in the analysis of blends, coffee roastings, coffee grinds and cup quality We contribute our expertise so that quality can be optimised at all adjusting points

• Of course, we also analyse the entire value chain and ensure, that this is also optimised again and again


Coffee Beans & Growing Countries

• We analyse harvest times and provide advice on the best times to buy coffee We try to optimise the coffee trade by taking a comprehensive look at the harvest, the exchange, freight costs and country-specific characteristics

• Not only do we drink coffee every day, but we have also been very familiar with coffee analysis for many years and numerous cuppings We advise you on coffee beans, roastings, blends, grind, cup quality and every question that arises around the coffee bean

• We support roasters in creating social added value in coffee-growing countries and link the trade of coffee with local social projects Feel free to talk to us about it and contact us for more information


Coffee & Roasting

• We have a showroom in which we carry out daily couplings, on the one hand to keep the quality at the highest level, but also to constantly identify new optimisation possibilities We try to take all possible factors into account: Preparation of the coffee, visual analysis of the coffee beans, various roasting profiles, possible blends and much more We use this knowledge to advise you in the best possible way

• Together with you, we carry out test roasts for consultation purposes and try to find the right coffee for your target group We support you in the composition and analysis of blends, look at different roasting profiles, grinds, packaging options and the cup quality of your coffee