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Socially acceptable

More than just coffee trading
Passion & Care for Coffee & People

We trade coffee with social responsibility

Coffee trading – but socially acceptable! We want to support people in coffee-growing countries and ensure that better living conditions develop locally. For this, we support social projects and so-called project coffees, where income is actively used to build schools, teach children or dig wells to provide access to clean drinking water.

Feel free to contact us or send us an emailand we will help you support social projects in coffee-growing countries.

Socially acceptable and fair

CTS Coffee Trading

Passion & Care for Coffee and People – true to our motto, we trade coffee in a fair and socially responsible way. We are aware of our social responsibility and thus try to support and promote social projects in coffee-growing countries.

In many coffee-growing countries, poverty and poor living conditions prevail – we see the coffee trade as an opportunity to change these conditions and give local people a better life.

The focus is on people

Social projects

There are many social projects that are supported by coffee trading, some of which deal with the treatment of drinking water in coffee-growing countries.

Access to clean drinking water in particular should be possible for all people in the world. Social projects in the coffee trade support coffee farmers and growing countries in creating this foundation. These provide the financial means for the workers on site or do the work of digging wells themselves.

There is no limit to the variety of social projects, so please contact us to find out more about such projects and funding opportunities for coffee-growing countries.