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Brazil - Sao Silvestre

With the continuous aim of improving the quality and diversity of the coffee, Faszenda Sao Silvestre was acquired by the Andrade family in the 1990s. The farm is located 15 km from the town of Serra do Salitre, at an average altitude of 1,220 metres. Faszenda Sao Silvestre is known for its beautiful landscape, excellent green coffee and sustainable and prudent cultivation.

Coffee cultivation & processingFaszenda Sao Silvestre
Country // Region // Sub-RegionBrazil // Cerrado // Carmo do Paranaiba
Speciality coffeeYellow Icatu

More about Coffee Growing & Farming

Through years of improvements in quality and also quality management, coffees developed that are popular and known around the world for a high standard and excellent taste. The employees of Faszenda Sao Silvestre have also been trained to treat nature with care in the harvesting and preparation of the coffee plants, resulting in environmentally conscious coffee cultivation. The Yellow Icatu of Faszenda Sao Silvestre is mainly known as a complex coffee with balanced notes and a nutty character.