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11Thomas Stehl - Team CTS
Thomas Stehl - Team CTS

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+4940 65 79 48 03

Favourite coffee

Chocolatey aromatic coffees, lots of sweetness, complexity, light fruit, prefers South and Central American coffees.


Prefers hand filters and Chemex. In the morning until afternoon, in the evening after dinner also with pleasure a delicious espresso.

Fun experience with Coffee

The “most interesting experience” in terms of coffee preparation and enjoyment was certainly the first coffee shop visit in Costa Rica in 2004. They filtered our coffee with a sock. But it still tasted good!

Thomas Stehl


About me

Thomas has been active in the coffee trade since 1999. Thomas has held positions as an apprentice at Rehm & Co, at Bernhard Benecke Coffee in the back office, trader at Rehm & Co and trader at List & Beisler GmbH. A classical education as a coffee merchant and numerous stays at the origin on various continents make him a coffee professional.


I have been active in the green coffee trade for over 20 years. Many years in buying and selling coffee with many trips to the growing countries make me a coffee expert.

Tasting the numerous origins daily over many years, trained me in the accurate judgement of coffees from all countries of the world.

Over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the field of coffee, from growing regions and processing to stock market knowledge and the influence of the stock market on coffee prices.

I look forward to your contact and a successful cooperation!