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India - Monsooned Malabar Organic

This coffee is called “Monsoon Malabar” because it is exposed to the monsoon and the winds of the Malabar coast. The coffee is unique to the Malabar Coast of Karnataka and Kerala and has a protected status under the Indian Geographical Indications of Goods Act.

Coffee cultivation & processingPlantrich // MAAS Monsoon Malabar Arabica Coffee
Country // Region // Sub-RegionIndia // Kerala // Keezhanthoor
Speciality coffeeArabica Cherry

History of Monsooned Malabar

The history of the Monsoon Malabar origin and how it came to be high-quality
speciality coffee dates back to the 16th century. The raw beans were transported from southern India to Europe, a journey that could take up to six months. The environment in which the beans were stored, deep in the hulls of wooden sailing ships, together with the humid atmosphere and the sea winds that occurred during the monsoon season, changed the character of the beans.

They absorbed water, swelled, changed their texture and their colour changed from green to a bright yellow. They also became less acidic. This change led to a significant improvement in their flavour profile, with a virtually neutral pH balance and a deep, heavy sweetness.