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Guatemala - Lampocoy

The small village of Lampocoy is located in the coffee-growing region of “Nuevo Oriente” in eastern Guatemala. It rains throughout the year with a rainfall of over 2,000 mm. Temperatures range between 18 and 25 degrees during the day. The soils are deeply weathered. The original rocks are metamorphic volcanic. The conditions are therefore perfect for growing high-quality coffee!

Coffee cultivation & processingLampocoy Region
Country // Region // Sub-RegionGuatemala // Nuevo Oriente // Lampocoy
Speciality coffeeCatimor, Catuai, Bourbon, Caturra

More about Coffee Growing & Farming

The cool and humid microclimate, an altitude of over 1,200m and the deeply weathered volcanic soils allow a very high quality gourmet coffee to grow. It smells of cocoa and warm earth – typical
Characterised by its great body, fine acidity and notes of chocolate and pecan.

The coffee cherries in Guatemala Lampocoy are handpicked so that only ripe coffee cherries are processed. Trade is fair, socially responsible and ecological.