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Brazil - Capim Branco

Ismael Jose de Andrade has been running the company ABEX (Andrade Brother Exportacion) for years with his brother Eduardo, who is only lovingly called “the Doctor”. He practised as a psychiatrist for many years, but today he has devoted himself entirely to his family’s passion for coffee. The Andrade family has been running coffee farms (such as Fazenda Capim Branco) since 1901.

Coffee cultivation & processingFazenda Capim Branco
Country // Region // Sub-RegionBrazil // Cerrado // Sao do Salitre
Speciality coffeeYellow Icatu, Red Catuai, Natural

More about Coffee Growing & Farming

Ismael Andrade is one of the founding members of the BSCA (Brazilian Specialities Organisation). Together with 11 other farmers, they were able to acquire an export licence and thus lay the foundation for fairer value creation. In 1991, the farm started its own export for the first time. Many international prizes (such as Cup of Excellence) have been won and confirm the uniquely good work of the Andrade family on the high plateau in the Cerrado region.