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Brazil - Camocim

Camocim is a timber and coffee farm in Espírito Santo, Brazil. It is situated at an altitude of about 1,200 metres and covers a cultivated area of about 300 hectares. Henrique Sloper, former president of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA), took over the farm from his grandfather and has been growing coffee organically there since 1999. Camocim is certified organic and biodynamic (Demeter).

Coffee cultivation & processingFaszenda Camocim
Country // Region // Sub-RegionBrasilien // Belo Horizonte // Espírito Santo
Speciality coffeeBiodynamic coffee

More about Coffee Growing & Farming

The efforts that have been made by the operators of Camocim and workers on the farm for many years are aimed in particular at two essential aspects: the most sustainable way of growing coffee and the highest coffee quality. The conviction is that quality and nature conservation do not hinder each other but, on the contrary, support each other.

Organic farming does not use synthetic products from the chemical industry such as synthetic fertilisers or fungicides. Organic cultivation, marked by the organic label, sets a minimum standard. Organic farming makes food healthier, tastier, more nutritious and therefore beneficial to the consumer. This is reflected in the excellent coffee produced by Faszenda Camocim.