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11Peter Walper - Team CTS
Peter Walper - Team CTS

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+4940 65 79 48 04

Favourite coffee

The passion for black coffee is growing at a rapid pace. Up until now, Peter had been more into latte macchiato and cappuccino.


Frenchpress with a shot of milk is still his favourite variation at the moment. But also the direct brew in the cupping is increasingly consumed and enjoyed!

Peter Walper

Logistics & Back-Office


Many years in the field of forwarding and logistics make Peter an expert in loading and handling our green coffees! Peter is also a trained IT systems businessman. So if it’s about your loading, you have questions about freight or logistics, talk to our expert!

The first coffee

The first coffee experiences were a long time ago. By ORDER, Peter was forced to drink coffee at minus 20 degrees in the Bundeswehr in 1997. Unfortunately, this was served as “sorbet” because it had been left in the cold for too long.


SAP/ERP Administration