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11Kirsten Becker - Team CTS
Kirsten Becker - Team CTS

Reachable by phone:
+4940 65 79 48 02

Favourite coffee

Mild to medium-bodied coffees from Central America. Light acidity, full aroma, preferably from organic cultivation and fair trade.


Hand filter or filter coffee from a classic filter machine. 3-5 cups a day are a must, with a dash of milk thrown in for good measure.

Kirsten Becker



Kirsten already has more than 24 years in the coffee trade. As a trader in a coffee company, she was responsible for sustainability and Fairtrade in sales for many years. Kirsten brings a lot of experience and also many trips to origins of coffee in Asia, Central and South America.

Now she brings all her wealth of knowledge to coffee trading at CTS and has been working with us for years as a successful trader of coffee beans from all over the world.

Most beautiful coffee trip

Bolivia remains in Kirsten’s memory, the most dangerous road in the world and the most dreamlike landscapes on her travels, flora and fauna.